Memory Wipeout Card Game

Great travel card game for the mountains, perfect for little skirs and snowboarders – for travel or ski breaks on the mountain! Test out your mountain memory with a game of ‘memory’ also known as concentration or a game of ‘go ski’. Instructions included in four languages.

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The deck has 25 matching pairs (50 cards in total) of fun mountain themed images. You will find Saint Bernard dogs, a Marmot, a Snowman, Ski Gogggles, a pair of Skis and much much more. The name of the image is written on each card, in four languages too, so can be used to help little ones learn their first words in another language.

The rules are simple: the game begins with the deck of cards shuffled and arranged face-down on a table, the deck has 25 matching pairs (50 cards total). A player’s turn consists of flipping up two cards, one at a time. If they match, the player removes the pair and takes another turn. Otherwise, the cards are returned face-down to the table and the next player takes a turn. Play continues until all pairs are removed (or until all players agree to end the game), at which point the player with the most collected pairs wins the game.


  • 25 matching pairs, 50 cards in total
  • Each image has the name written in four languages around the edges
  • Instruction cards in four languages, each has instructions for 2 games; Memory Wipeout and Go Ski
  • Packaged in a neat poker card size box (approx 6.5cm x 9cm x 2cm)

A great travel game for the mountain, perfect for keeping kids entertained, and easily carried in a pocket or rucksack.

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