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Many sports require eyewear, clear, unfogged eyewear, so a quality lens cloth is an essential accessory. What if that lens cloth also provided useful information, like a map?

Wipeout has been Europe’s leading supplier of Piste Maps on Lens Cloth, the essential item for your next ski holiday! Once you’ve tried it, you will never look back to paper maps.

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We love that our products are unique, innovative and practical conversation starters, and we love it even more when industry experts recognise that too!

Forget the days of paper skiing piste maps falling to pieces in your hands. These double up as goggle and sunglass cleaners. At the end of your holiday, you can use them at home to clean your computer, TV, phone screen or even the kids’ noses… they are machine washable after all!

Sunday Times

It’s the quirky little products that sometimes capture attention. Some clever snowheads identified the frustration with those paper piste maps that rip easily, become soggy or are impossible to open with gloves or in a strong wind. Wipeout has printed the maps on the material you wipe your glasses or goggles lens with. So you now have a waterproof, easily stored foldable map that doubles as a lens cleaner.

The Irish Times



Our Custom Products are the perfect promotional giveaway for corporate events, resorts, holiday or hospitality companies. The products are unique and useful, with continued promotional value, not a throwaway gimmick. Minimum order just 10 pieces.



Get excited about your trip, plan your ski days in advance

Doesn't get soggy or tear, easily handled with gloves

A great souvenir & useful at home, in the car, on any screen!

With a Wipeout piste map you keep one map all week and always have a handy lens wipe that does not scratch expensive goggles or glasses.

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